About Me

I have been interested in helping people improve the quality of their lives with physical activity and specific body awareness. In my experience, many of us are living with some type of over use injury. Upper back and shoulder tension seem to be the primary symptom people bring to me.

I have always been physically active, as an instructor and training to achieve my own goals. I am certified to teach group fitness, yoga, pilates mat, as well as Osteofit, and cardio rehab. Throughout my career, i have continued my studies in kinesiology and massage, as well as reflexology, offering clients different modalities to address their specific needs.

I started teaching fitness in the 90s with a headband, leg warmers, and Olivia Newton-John on my Sony Walkman. Like many of you, I find that times have changed, not only physically but also therapeutically.

Posture has become a huge concern for many of us. Whether you are retired from your desk job or challenged by the tension from too much Xbox, texting and that heavy pack on your back. (Sorry, Monica, I forgot to give credit to endurance knitters).

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